all I ever wanted was the world;

"She's Katherine.
She loves to play games and you're fooling yourself if you think you're going to find out what she's up to before she wants you to know."

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Katherine Pierce

M!A: none, but accepting
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Right, so

I’m abandoning this blog and keeping it only as an archive. 
Yeah, that’s it; bye.



The lack of muse has been killing me lately, as have personal worries and stuff that need not be mentioned here. It is for that very reason that this account is going on a hiatus.
I can only be vague as to when I will be back, as soon I will be going to stay with my aunt and uncle in England {no wifi for two weeks} and then settle down in university. On top of that, I still haven’t really decided if I want to keep this account; so really, any time from mid September to early October — if ever. 

Til then, guys; it’s been a pleasure!

*bitchslap* *compels you to forget everything I’ve said and done in the past few minutes*

Teehee. I like to pride myself in my ability to remember.

Whatever you say, darling.

don’t. u. dare.

My weakness is that I can never resist when people say exactly that. 

lol bitch if you won't ever come back; i'll find u and haunt u in the after life

{ OutOfSchemes }

Ha. Hahahahahahahaha. 
I take that as a challenge. ;) 

the-bon-fire replied to your post: PSA;
// *clings*

It’s gotten to a point where I can’t look at the indie dash without my heart sinking because it hits me how many drafts I have and how much I have owed and I just really can’t because I’m too busy being scared of leaving and starting uni—
you know where to find me.


It’s getting impossible to focus on RPing as of late; and since I will be travelling to the UK this September 9th with no wifi until at least the 21st, this account is being put on full hiatus.
I may be back as early as mid-September or as late as early October or even never. We’ll have to see. 

Okay? Okay. Bye.




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